I'm a startup enthusiast turned startup expert. Helping companies explore, develop and grow ideas into sustainable start-ups.

Hi! I'm Bram Kanstein 👋 I've worked with dozens of startups on the development, launch and growth of their product and business.

I've also built my own projects to help entrepreneurs: Startup Stash and StartupWatching (both acquired).
I currently work as a freelance startup & innovation consultant and teach people how to build a Minimum Viable Product without code.



Startup Stash (Acquired in 2017)

A curated directory of 400 resources and tools for startups that has helped 500.000+ entrepreneurs from around the world while building their business. Featured on Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur and many more international publications.


StartupWatching (Acquired in 2018)

A newsletter publication with curated knowledge, inspiration and background stories from the startup world. Delivered every Monday and Thursday to 11.000+ entrepreneurs, talented makers, digital marketers, creative developers and shark investors.



A course that teaches people how to build a Minimum Viable Product without code, taking them through the thought process of defining and building 5 real life codeless MVPs.


Startup Audits

A productized consulting service that helps to grow startups with honest, no bullshit, expert feedback through product, value proposition and growth strategy teardowns.



Product Hunt

Silicon Valley's (and the world's) top online community for discovering new digital products, startups and services.

The Next Web

One of the world's largest online publications with the latest news about internet technology, business & culture.

We Are Off The Record

A digital growth agency helping startups & corporates to leverage hidden business opportunities and get them ready for growth.

My story

Over the past few years I’ve seen 1000s of startups launch and worked with dozens of (early-stage) companies on the strategy, development, launch and growth of their business. This includes idea validation (problem-solution fit & product-market fit), development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), business strategy, go-to-market strategy, value proposition (why, how, what) and positioning.

I've been online for most of my life and have always been an avid early adopter of new startups, services and products to see and learn about new possibilities, trends & opportunities.

I launched my own product http://startupstash.com - which went viral and got 35K uniques and 230K pageviews in 48 hours. It ended up on Business Insider (http://www.businessinsider.com/startup-stash-is-the-best-guide-for-starting-a-company-2015-2) Entrepreneur.com and was named as one of the 100 Best Websites For Entrepreneurs in 2015 by Forbes Magazine. Til date it has helped 500.000+ entrepreneurs from around the world while building their startup.

You can read more development and launch of Startup Stash here: https://medium.com/@bramk/how-i-launched-the-2-most-upvoted-product-of-all-time-on-product-hunt-f3772fb20ad8.

I have an eye for detail, great communication skills, always think in solutions and use my innovative ideas to motivate others while using my broad (international) network to help the people and companies I work with go forward. As an expert on (early-stage) startups and product development, I share my thoughts about these subjects on Dutch national TV/Radio and as a keynote speaker. I’m always open to discuss collaborations and new opportunities. You can email via bramkanstein@gmail.com or tweet me @bramk!

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